“Lake History”
Up to the early 1800s Dakota people use the north end of the lake for a seasonal hunting and fishing camp. There are Indian mounds near the Nokasippi Resort.
1890-1910 Logging around the lake
1906 A mill pond was located on the north end of the lake. A small town was located around this area. The town had a creamery, store, flour mill and other small buildings.
1918 Two cabins were located on the lake.
1918 Two farms were located on the east and west side of the lake.
1930 The first resort was started on the lake on the north side.
1930s-1940s Lakeshore was being developed. Paradise Shores was developed on the southeast shore.
1936 The dam was built on the outlet of the lake. The dam was built with stop logs and was manipulated at various levels.
The stop logs were set in one place at 1.9 feet above the sill, which is what it is maintained at this time.
1950s The north side of the lake had additional development
1960s-1970s The west shore was developed
1970s Lake owners started meeting and an association was developed. The association bought a weed cutter.
1980s - present The lakeshore continues to be developed

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